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Road signs, international road signs 2023

Here are the most commonly searched car signs to help you solve your crossword.

  • Indonesian car sign – RI
  • Japanese car mark – J
  • Croatian car mark – HR
  • Spanish car mark – E
  • Tanzania car symbol – EAT
  • Portuguese car mark – P
  • Latvian car mark – LV

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What do the car symbols mean?

As the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic entered into force on 21 May 1977, it replaces previous road traffic conventions, including the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, in the signatory countries in accordance with its Article 48. Under the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, the vehicle must bear on the rear the distinguishing sign of the country of registration. The mark may either be placed separately from the registration plate, as a white oval plate or sticker, or incorporated into the vehicle’s registration plate. If the distinguishing sign is incorporated in the registration plate, it shall also be shown on the front registration plate of the vehicle.

Within the European Economic Area, there is no need to display a separate distinguishing sign, as vehicles with EU common format number plates that comply with the requirements of the Vienna Convention and are therefore valid in non-EU countries that are signatories to the Convention. Canada, Mexico and the United States do not require special marks either, as there the registration province, state or district is usually embossed or superimposed on the vehicle registration plate.


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