Biceps training at home and in the gym

The biceps is one of our most visible muscles, so it deserves special attention. We’ll try to give you as many useful tips and techniques as possible so that you can perform the exercises correctly and effectively, whether you’re training at home or in the gym.


We have written this article to show you all the weight training, free weights and other methods (e.g. trx, kettlebell, kettlebell, kettlebell, etc.) that can be used to effectively train this not so big but still impressive muscle.

The biceps is a biceps muscle, the most prominent of the arm flexor muscles. It is a double-headed muscle that originates at the raven’s beak of our shoulder blade and above the shoulder joint socket, on its anterior half, and attaches to the radius of our forearm. It originates in two separate heads (long head-short head). These two joints are: shoulder joint, elbow joint.

The primary role of our biceps is to bend our arms. Secondarily, it also performs the rotation of the arms (supination), something many people forget when performing exercises. To strengthen them, we use these movements.
– lifting your arms forward, bending your elbow joint (this is the main function of your biceps)
– rotation of the forearm.

Biceps training with dumbbells at home or in the gym.

The primary function of our biceps is to bend our arms. Its secondary function is unknown to many bodybuilders and those who shape their bodies this way. It is the supination or rotation performed during the exercise, which is mainly achieved by performing two-handed barbell exercises. This type of movement is not achieved with two-handed or French bar exercises. Supination or rotation is best observed in more complex reverse biceps exercises. The exercise can be performed with a one-handed (hand-held) barbell in a seated or standing position.

One of the best ways to train the biceps is to use a barbell. Beginners can buy 2-handed and 1-handed dumbbells quite cheaply, so you can start exercising at home, but it is important to perform the exercises with the right weights and in the right way, and in a regular way.

Biceps training at home

It’s a bit “undemanding” when it comes to the tools you have to develop it. All you need is a pair of hand dumbbells (with discs) and a pull-up bar/stand.
So you can do almost all the important biceps exercises at home in your room.

Weighted biceps exercises
1. With a two-handed barbell
Standing biceps with two-handed barbell
Arnold’s “cheater” biceps with a two-handed bar
Biceps on Scott bench
Biceps with birdcatcher
2. One-handed barbell
Biceps standing with alternate arm
Biceps workout at home without equipment
Creative and effective exercises for training at home without tools. They also have the advantage that you don’t have to miss your workout during holidays or travel. You can start now.

Use your legs, your own weight or even a doorjamb for exercises.

Biceps workout with TRX
5 excellent exercises you can do with TRX.

Biceps workout with Kettlebell
8 kettlebell exercises that target your biceps.

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