Tandy 1000 Game Title : Toad Road
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toad road
System : Tandy(r) 1000EX / HX, 16 colors @ 160x200 resolution*
Year : 1990
Type : Arcade road-crosser
Copyright : 1990 Brooks deForest (public domain released 2006)
*requires joystick in the front-most socket and Microsoft(r) Tandy Basic 2.x.

Toad Road is a Frogger clone where you guide your toad over the road dodging cars, trucks and snakes. Unlike frogs, toads need to keep moving in the direction of logs when on them! Use the joystick fire button to move forward -you can't go back!

:o) Toad Road is now public domain and free to download. Source included. (o:
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toad road screen 1 by b deforest
toad road screen 2 level 1
toad road screeen 3  level 2
toad road screen 4 level 3

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