Tandy 1000 Game Title : FLUF!
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System : Tandy(r) 1000EX / HX, 16 colors @ 160x200 resolution*
Year : 1989
Type : Arcade eat-em-up
Copyright : 1989 Brooks deForest (public domain released 2006)
*requires joystick in the front-most socket and Microsoft(r) Tandy Basic 2.x.

Fluf! is a Pacman clone where you cruise around a maze avoiding nasties, and changing the color of all the blocks before moving on the next level. Avoid the black holes (the funny looking square wooden tiles) as it's game over if your fall down one of them!

:o) Fluf! is now public domain and free to download. Source included. (o:
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DOWNLOAD FLUF! as single zip / tar'd / gz'd file : [ fluf.zip ] / [ fluf.tar ] / [ fluf.tar.gz ]
DOWNLOAD FLUF! as component files :  [ fluf.bas ] [ fluf.spr ] [ fluf.loc ] [ back.spr ]
DOWNLOAD FLUF's sound FX MP3 : [ fluf_tandy1000.mp3 ]

fluf screen 1 by b deforest
fluf screen 2 level 2
fluf screeen 3  level 5
fluf screen 4 level 6
fluf screen 5 level 8
fluf screen 6 level 9

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