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A Call from Dr Evil



Ephemeral (album)
All Our Children
Valse De La Vie


live in your living room     trniity range

Live In Your Living Room (album)
Trinity Range (ep)
The Lizard
And Then What?
Trinity Range Ajax Pop Mix


Utopia (album)
Utopia Rush

Short biography of Brooks

Brooks Michel Deforest is a musician and composer who writes instrumentals and songs in a range of styles from electronic to orchestrated, and folk.

He was born September 1972 in England, about 90 miles from London.  He began early in music, playing keyboard from around the age of 7, and starting in guitar at 10. By the time of his mid teens he began writing home video games for Tandy and then PC machines. He continued into his 20s drawing graphics and pages for websites.

During the1990s, Brooks continued to play and compose music. Around 2000 he began to send out demo tracks hoping to find work writing soundtracks for television, but without any success. Then in 2004 recording started for his first album [ Ephemeral ], which was released on in early 2005 under Elkjaw. That CD contained a mix of music, from orchestrated, to synthesized, and was later split into two other EP CDs with extra tracks in late 2005.

[ Live In Your Living Room ] and [ Trinity Range ] followed shortly afterwards in 2006. The music is available in North America, and has been published through Plugenic Music since 2006.

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Believe (2005) -

Walnut (2006) - live in your living room

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Susan Movie Blues (2007)

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